UK Trackdays - Track Car and Bike hire

You CAN hire a bike or a car for your track day

The single most common question we are asked is 'I want to do a track day but I don't want to use my own car/bike - can I hire one?'. This prompted us to check with all the trackday organisers on our database, and the result is this page. We have recently update our vehicle hire sytem anda as a result, we have a large range of vehicles available to hire.

Motorcycle Track Day Hire

We now have the following motorcycle hire packages available for hire:

The bike hire package is available for £250 inclusive.

  • Fully race prepared Yamaha R6 or Kawasaki ZX6R
  • This full race prepared track day weapon is running a full set of race fairing, slicks, wets and the first tank full of fuel.
  • Hire includes full mechanical coverage inc of tyre changes, brake pads. The hire also includes paddock stands and tyre warmers to make the best of the day and make sure the rubber is hot so you can go straight out and give it full throttle.

This is in addition to the cost of the track day itself. There is also a refundable damage deposit payable on the day.

Track day bike hire is available at here: Trackday Bike Hire

Car Track Day Hire

These are some of the best track day car hire packages for trackdays. Not an exhaustive list there are more available:

  • Cars - the range of prices is much wider, from £200 for a hot hatch to £1,200+ for a Ferrari

You should also expect to pay a deposit to cover damage to the vehicle - £200 to £500 is normal, but if you are hiring something exotic expect to pay more.

This is in addition to the cost of the track day itself.

Generally speaking, the car or bike will probably be delivered to the circuit BUT CHECK THIS WHEN YOU HIRE. You may also be issued with a mechanic/advisor to help you through the day. This is one reason why some hire organisations team up with track day organisers. Make sure you know exactly what you are (and are not) getting for your money.

Who Provides Bikes and Cars?
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