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Questions about Track Days
What should I look for when choosing a Track Day?
I want to go to an event I have found on your Site - What do I Do?
Can I get Insurance?
Can I hire a Bike or a Car?
What equipment do I need on a car track day?
What's this about Noise Limits?

What equipment do I need for a car trackday?
You will definitely need a crash helmet approved for motorsport use. The organiser may be able to provide one for the day, but we do recommend you buy one which fits you perfectly. Wear something that is comfortable, covers your arms and legs and that won't impede your movement. If you intend to drive at track days regularly a set of fire-resistant overalls approved for motorsport use is recommended. Wear a pair of thin-soled shoes - racing boots are ideal, but trainers with worn-down soles work well. The thicker the soles, the less feel and control you will have.

Also, take along your road driving licence. Many circuits will insist that you have it with you, so better safe than sorry.

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