The Association of Track Day Organisers

This association has been set up by the Industry to improve the Industry.

It is suggested that people go to the ATDO website to be sure of the information the you are being told about the organisation but, in short:

  • ATDO is a self governing body that is trying to ensure that ALL Track day organisers have in place all the correct procedures that cover both you and themselves in the areas of Insurance and Health and Safety.
  • They are working in conjunction with Solicitors, Health and Safety executives, Motor Activities Training Council and Insurance experts to ensure that anyone who works under the banner of ATDO isworking to the highest standards possible. They are also working to ensure that you, the customer, is being looked after correctly.
  • It is now being stated by some circuits that they will only hire their facility to ATDO members. For this reason we recommend you should use ATDO Members for your track fun.
  • They have a minimum cover of 2 Ambulances.
  • They have the correct liability Insurance to a minimum of 2 million pounds (are you aware that not all companies purchase insurance cover?).
  • Instructors that are in the process of being trained to a set standard (this is a new procedure, hence not all the training is finished).
  • They also have other rules and regulations which ensure that, if they discover any of their members breaking ATDO rules, that member will be excluded from the Association.

Again this Association has been set in motion to bring Track Days in to an area that so far it seems to have been on the edge of - serious business. By becoming ATDO members, Track Day organisers are saying to you, the customer, that they care and are not just out to make a fast buck.